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Here you will find everything you should need for planning a W.A.V.E.  You could start by downloading and printing the Planning Package (large file) which will give you step by step instructions and identify by Example letter the various forms.  Another form to print out is the Schedule.  Keep in mind that these forms, the process and the timetable are suggested. They have been developed over a period of years of successful WAVE events.  Feel free to use any of this material as presented or alter it to suit you needs.  Each of the examples identified in the Organization Outline is available below for separate printing.  Forms are available in both Adobe (pdf) format and as Microsoft Word (docx) documents for you include information or make changes.
Planning Package
This document contains a complete overview of the planning process with reference
to all of the letters, forms and attachments that are used in planning and executing a WAVE.
Organization Outline
This document is a basic outline of the WAVE project.
This document walks you through the suggested one year planning process for a WAVE.
Club Support Letter
This letter is used to get the support of other yacht clubs in your area to participate in a
WAVE.It is suggested that you also contact these clubs directly in addition to sending this letter.
Solicitation Letter
This letter is used in soliciting support (financial and otherwise) from businesses and other 
organizations in your area..
This document outlines the purpose and history of the WAVE program.It should be used as an
attachment to your solicitation letter and also be provided to the media that will cover your event.
News Articles
These two exhibits show the local newspaper coverage of prior WAVEs held in the panhandle
and west coast of Florida.They can be used as attachments to your Club Support Letter and your Solicitation Letter.
FCAF Trifold
This brochure of the Florida Commodores Association Foundation highlights the fact that the
Foundation supports the WAVE program and can be used in your solicitation of support.
You should contact a director of the Foundation directly regarding this.
Liability Release Form
This form should be signed by everyone involved in your WAVE.
WAVE Flyer
This is an example of a flyer designed by a group holding a WAVE.Your committee should
design your own flyer, customized for your event.IT can be used as a handout and it can be
posted on the websites of the clubs involved and the FCA website.
This is a sample program.Your committee will have to design a program specifically for
your event.
Veteran Registration Form
This form is used for veterans to register for your WAVE project.It can be made available at
veterans organizations, the participating clubs. businesses supporting your WAVE and any
other location you are aware of where veterans frequent.
Volunteer Registration Form
This form is used for volunteers (workers)to sign up primarily for the work that needs to be
done prior, during and after the WAVE.
Event Task Forms
These two worksheets provide more detailed guidance on two levels for a successful WAVE
.If you use these, you shouldn't find that you have forgotten something on the day of you WAVE.
Boat Registration Form
This form is to be completed by each skipper that agrees to volunteer his boat and himself to
take the veterans out on the water.
Thank You Letter
This is a suggested thank you letter to be sent to all sponsors and others that supported your
WAVE.It provides those who were unable to attend with an overview of the days events and
can announce the date of your next years event and request that they again support this program

In addition to your clubs burgees you will need the WAVE artwork.  Below you can click and download both the WAVE logo and the WAVE burgee.
For printing on flyers,
banners, signs, etc.
(white background)
For printing on
color stock
(no background)
For printing on
programs, letters, etc.
(white background)
For use on
web pages
(white background)
For use on
web pages
(no background)
Logo - Large
Logo - Large
Logo - Small
Logo - Small
Logo - Small
Burgee - Large
Burgee - Large
Burgee - Small
Burgee - Small

Burgee - Small
Each veteran receives a WAVE cap and each boat skipper receives a WAVE burgee.  These items are available through the FCA Ships Store for Chapters who are planning a WAVE.