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The Florida Commodores Association serves as a greatly needed link among Florida yacht clubs.  It provides for the exchange of information among clubs on a statewide basis.  It also provides a much needed social link and conduit for interaction among past, current and future commodores of yacht clubs in the State of Florida. 

Its educational program is designed to improve the quality of leadership in yacht clubs by providing instruction in the proper functioning of clubs and the customs and courtesies of yachting. 

It also engages in charitable programs through its FCA Foundation and programs such as WAVE.

Attendees with their certificates


October General Membership Meeting

& Change of Watch

Pelican Yacht Club

1120 Seaway Driver, Ft. Pierce, FL 34394


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It's going to be FUN!!

Attendees with their certificates

The 2023 Yacht Club Leadership Seminar presents certificates to attendees from ten different Florida yacht clubs. Attendees participated in an intensive two-day learning experience designed to provide valuable knowledge for current and future yacht club officers, directors, general managers, and those interested in learning how to manage such a unique and complex business.


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Florida Commodores Journal

Four-Star Award materials, brochure and nomination forms, have been mailed to qualifying Florida yacht clubs. Check with your yacht club to take advantage of this prestigious award.

2022 Four-Star Receipents: 
Bay Point Yacht Club - Past Commodore Tom McCoy
Pensacola Yacht Club - Past Commodore Tim Burr

bob presenting Tom 4-Star

FCA Commodore Bob Sutton presents Pensacola Yacht Club Past Commodore and FCA member Tim Burr with the 2022 Four-Star Award.

You can read about PYC Past Commodore Tim Burr on the Four-Star Recipient page found under the "Programs" tab.

bob presenting Tom 4-Star

FCA Commodore Bob Sutton presents Bay Point Yacht Club Past Commodore Tom McCoy with the 2022 Four Star Award.

You can read about BPYC Past Commodore Tim McCoy on the Four-Star Recipient page found under the "Programs" tab.

FCA Past Commodore Art Garside and FCA Fleet Captain Jack Kennedy commissioned as Kentucky Colonels at Clearwater Yacht Club.

Joe presenting Art his certificate

Past Commodore Art Garside receives his Kentucky Colonel Certificate from Past Commodore Joe Tringali as his wife, Carol, looks on.

Jack receiving his certificate from Joe

FCA Fleet Captain Jack Kennedy receiving his Kenturck Colonel certificate from Past Commodore Joe Tringali.

Pete in YC

FCA Vice Commodore P/C Peter Tyson and his wife, Jeanne, were recently invited to visit and dine at the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club by the Club's Commodore Cedric Burger.  To the right is a slideshow of photos taken during his visit.

Vancouver YC - Tyson

The Tysons enjoyed a lovely evening at the Club at one of the two restaurants and reported that the Club was formed in 1903 and received its Royal Warrant in 1906.  The Club house has a spectacular view of the harbor and the Vancouver skyline. With over 5,000 members, this is a very active organization with a wide variety of activities, including several sailing programs and a full regatta schedule, The huge marina with several hundred slips all full, with mostly sailing craft, is at the Point Grey location with the main Clubhouse. Besides this facility, the Club boasts seven additional "offshore stations" scattered around the area in strategic locations some more than 50 miles away, all with docks, dock staff, and facilities, including restaurants.

Despite an overcast afternoon and a light intermittent drizzle, the sun peeked through to highlight some of the buildings in downtown Vancouver in a view from the third story deck.


I would encourage members to when traveling to other States or countries, make an effort to visit yacht clubs. It is interesting and often enlightening chatting with other Commodores and flag officers and more often than not you receive the warmest of welcomes. Sometimes, just a simple telephone call is that's needed, but a nicely written letter always draws attention.


Vice Commodore Peter Tyson