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Four-Star Commodores

This program distinguishes former Commodores of qualified Yacht Club in the State of Florida who have made contributions to their Club or on behalf of their Club beyond the normal duties and responsibilities of a Club Commodore. The award recognizes their commitment to continue to serve their Club and its members, to support the current leaders of the Club, and to inspire their peers and future Club leaders.

All former Commodores of qualified Florida Yacht Clubs are eligible for consideration. Only one nomination may be submitted annually by each eligible Club. Membership in the Florida Commodores Association is not required. There is no cost to the Club or to their nominee. Posthumous nominations will not be considered.

Nomination Procedure
Each Club is free to decide how they will select a candidate for nomination. Upon selection the Nomination Form and all required documents must be submitted to the Florida Commodores Association (FCA) no later than September 30.

Awards Procedure

Upon receipt of all Nominations the Awards Committee of FCA will review each Nomination submission for completeness and may disqualify a nomination if any required documentation is missing or incomplete. The Awards Committee will determine and recommend to the Executive Committee of FCA the names of finalists The Awards Committee may require finalists to be interviewed by one or more Committee members. The Executive Committee of FCA will review the recommendations of the Awards Committee and make the final determination of those to me awarded the distinction of a Four Star Commodore. Up to three awards may be made in anyone year.

Awards and Recognition

Those selected to be Four Star Commodores and their Clubs will be notified in writing prior to November 30.  Each Award winner will receive a memento (above right) of their achievement and a special lapel pin (above center) to distinguish them as a Four Star Commodore. The Yacht Club of the Four Star Commodore will receive a framed certificate (above left) to display the achievement of their deserving Commodore.

Awards will be presented by a member or members of the FCA Executive Committee at a ceremony or event to be selected by the yacht club of the Award recipients. In addition, each Four Star Commodore will be invited to be a guest of honor at the next regular meeting of the FCA.
You may download our 2020 Brochure and Nomination Forms using the buttons below.  The Nomination Form information can be filled out on your computer before you print it for signatures.